Melbourne Design Week 2015 Exhibition Space

A temporary exhibition space constructed out of shipping containers for the 2015 Melbourne Design Week.

In 2015, Charlwood Design was invited by Ideas on Design to create an exhibition for the Melbourne City Square that highlighted the Victorian winners from several of last years design awards.

The brief was to create an eye catching, easy flowing exhibition space that utilized shipping containers to house the work.

The resulting exhibition was conceptualized and designed in a matter of days, and, with the help of Gavin Bufton and the Ideas on Design team, was neatly put together and installed into the space in a matter of weeks.

Photos courtesy of Sarah Anderson.

Juilliard Lift No.3

Lift No.3 was developed for the St James Building re-development on the corner of Bourke and Williams St in Melbournes CBD.

Charlwood Design developed a concept based off a twisted, altered reality public transport fitout. The cage like stainless steel bar network is as intricated as it is detailed, with in-rail custom lighting specially designed and developed by Charlwood Design.

A window looks out into the Elevator shaft, where a lift riders can watch a large mural by artist Reka zip past. The stark white paneling hugs the walls, with beautifully curved corners and stainless steel trimming finishing the edges.

A completely custom COP panel was design and machined out of a solid block of aluminum, with custom buttons using the buildings font were machined out polycarbonate and polished.

Charlwood Design worked closely with the Kone Lifts to assure that all design aspects could safely be included whilst still meeting local standards and codes.

MCHUMBA Children’s Table

Charlwood Design was approached to develop this activity based children’s table for startup MCHUMBA.  Digitally printed artwork on the table surface is covered in clear whiteboard paint encouraging children to draw and explore directly on the table surface. Charlwood conducted extensive ergonomic research to ensure maximum comfort and the result is an appealing, easy to clean activity surface. We also created a matching stool with a built in storage compartment and created a prototype for testing.

Check out the MCHUMBA website for more information-

‘Ellipta’ Monitor Arm

Charlwood Design developed a LCD monitor arm for German manufacturer Häfele, which was awarded a Gold Medal for best new desktop technology at Chicago’s NeoCon trade fair.

Using a simple 4-bar linkage we chose to express the arm’s components rather than hide them and in the process created the smoothest function arm on the market. The product was fully engineered in Australia, and we assisted production set-up in China.

Stage Management Desk

The show must go on! The stage management desk controls everything to do with the performance at the venues in the Sydney Opera House in both the front and back of house. The six existing units were well past their use by date and needed to be replaced with a state of the art design to serve for the next 20 years.

Winner of the 2012 Melbourne Design Award for best business and technology product, Charlwood’s solution is a flexible and functional desk that houses all the control equipment and interfaces within a beautiful and ergonomically designed console.

‘Spout’ Basin

“Spout” is our concept for minimalist bathroom basin design that merges technology and style. It is a unique basin that incorporates an internal sensor- activated mixer tap. The user simply places their hands in the bowl to activate the water with the desired temperature set via a small dial.

All necessary hardware such as the infrared sensor, control box and power can be housed within the basin. There is also a manual override button housed in the centre of the dial that can be pushed for continuous water if you would like to fill the sink.

This design was a recent finalist in the Reece bathroom innovation award.

Stadium Seat Back & Tablet

Charlwood design was commissioned to design a seat back, writing tablet and connecting folding mechanism for stadiums and university lecture theatres. The tablet’s patented mechanism enables a smooth intuitive folding, and the seat back doubles as a safety barrier to prevent people falling from the row above.

Privacy screen

Charlwood Design was approached by the Peter MacCallum Cancer centre to create a flexible privacy screen for their oncology patients. The result was simple industrial design solution comprising of a steel base and Polypropylene screen. The design is hygienic and able to be wiped and disinfected , unobtrusive, flexible and easy to move and configure.

Charlwood continues to manufacture and supply this product. most recently for the Olivia Newton John cancer centre. If you are interested in purchasing these screens please contact us.