Lift No.3 was developed for the St James Building re-development on the corner of Bourke and Williams St in Melbournes CBD.

Charlwood Design developed a concept based off a twisted, altered reality public transport fitout. The cage like stainless steel bar network is as intricated as it is detailed, with in-rail custom lighting specially designed and developed by Charlwood Design.

A window looks out into the Elevator shaft, where a lift riders can watch a large mural by artist Reka zip past. The stark white paneling hugs the walls, with beautifully curved corners and stainless steel trimming finishing the edges.

A completely custom COP panel was design and machined out of a solid block of aluminum, with custom buttons using the buildings font were machined out polycarbonate and polished.

Charlwood Design worked closely with the Kone Lifts to assure that all design aspects could safely be included whilst still meeting local standards and codes.