Stack it, Pack it, Bike it, Love it! Thats the motto for Melbourne based startup KKDU Plum, and their first product certainly lives up to it.

Founders Astrid and Haydn Sharratt approached Charlwood Design in 2014 and engaged us to help develop a their new bike trailer. The brief was to develop a trailer that could not only haul all your “stuff”, but also double up as a fully functional shopping trolley- one that was easy and comfortable to push or pull around.

The end result is a smart system made up of two key devices- the trailer and the rack. The trailer consists of an upper and lower tub for holding anything and everything, traditionally formed tubular frame, fully adustable handle that doubles as a hitch point for towing, and a fold-away third wheel to convert it from trailer to trolley in a matter of seconds. The rack, stunningly finished in bright chrome, is designed to fit most bikes. It is also the mounting point for the quick release uni joint hitch- an incredibly simple to use design that allows the trailer to be removed from the bike effortlessly.

For more information on this product check out the KKDU Plum website here.

Additionally, you can read more on our design process over at our blog, here.