BAT Logic Rowing Shoe Plate

BAT Logic and Charlwood Design partnered up in 2013 to develop the innovative ShoePlate Pro QuickRelease foot plate, and have since seen the devices installed in performance rowing boats worldwide.

The click in-click out system offers rowers increased performance by enhancing leg muscle use, reducing injury through better gluteal control and enhanced stability and connection. Additionally, it also allows the user to click in and out of boats or ergometers and retain their own shoes and settings- contributing to not only an easier to use system, but also improved hygiene.

BAT Logic approached Charlwood Design to re-develop the click in and out function of the foot plate, as well as consult on material selection, tooling design and manufacturing decisions.

The end result has seen positive results worldwide, and has been installed on many winning boats at various rowing competitions and regattas. The BAT Logic team are tirelessly representing their product at most events, and the results speak for themselves.

For more, check out the BAT Logic website here