Hydrawise HC Smart Irrigation Controller

Charlwood Design were approached by Hydrawise back in 2013 to re-design the controller housing for their Smart Watering and Irrigation system. Hydrawise had previously been using an OTS housing for their main controller unit, but after experiencing some growth, felt they needed to create something unique to represent the same level of intelligence and sophistication that their software and system design displayed.

The Hydrawise system allows users to manage their irrigation controller from anywhere worldwide using a smart device or web browser. Predictive watering adjusts schedules based on forecast temperature, rainfall probability, wind and humidity using a vast array of weather stations around the world. The system can setup for everything from a small courtyard to a large vineyard.

Our brief was to create a simple, low cost, water resistant housing that stood out from the competitors and was easy to install. The finished product met all criteria, and helped boost Hydrawise sales three fold. In addition to the controller, Charlwood Design also helped to develop the user interface for future use.

In 2016 Hydrawise was acquired by irrigation giant Hunter Industries, fantastic news for the small Australian technology start up.

For more information on this product, head over to the Hunter Industries website – hunterindustries.com