Prototypes and Models

No Fuss, rapid prototypes and presentation models

Charlwood Design’s Instant Prototype™ service is a fast, effective rapid prototyping service that turns 3d ideas into real, functional models. Our state of the art FDM technology allows high resolution prototypes to be rapidly created in durable ABS plastic. For our clients our Instant Prototype™ service has enabled more variations to be prototyped earlier on, with a much faster turnaround time. What was once outsourced and time-consuming is available in-house, instantly.

We also have a trusted network of suppliers to create high, quality CNC prototypes in final materials such as aluminium, acrylic and silicone and can also paint the prototypes if required. We can supply premium, finished models for high-quality sales prototypes for exhibition and review.

Instant Prototype™ is also available as a stand alone service so please contact us for a confidential prototyping quote. In addition we offer a 24 hour service if you urgently need a prototype.